Ski ‘Plus’ Properties for the Adventurous

Between meetings yesterday we sat and debated the merits of ski lodge/chalet/apartment ownership in locations such as North America. It’s a subject which always gets the juices flowing nicely and with the current lack of good quality snow in Europe the debate over where to buy as an alternative can become quite charged!

Dear Reader, as an aside, if you find yourself reading this later in the season it may be that the heavens have now delivered… trust us, at the time of writing it is all looking pretty barren in Europe!

For most skiing Brits and for Europeans generally, The Alps, Dolomites, Pyrenees and Apennine Alps remain our traditional and most obvious destinations and thus it has transpired that this is where we have purchased our much loved chalets and apartments. However, as our familiarity with the world continues to grow, family members work abroad and we become accustomed to travelling slightly further afield, alternative destinations are brought more clearly into focus.

With this new perspective the North American market has started to look really rather attractive. The strong service culture and the significant added features and benefits in the property available all result in a purchase delivering tangible added value. Something we seek to deliver to every Client with each search.

Personally I am drawn to the qualities of the Canadian market; not least as I have much loved family who live there. Thus I would like to use this installment to talk briefly about Quebec, where a recent search revealed that a 3-bed luxury log cabin, situated within easy striking distance of Mont-Tremblant and just 30-minutes from the international airport can be found for just less than £300,000!

Such a property with its beautiful lakeside location, wooded walks, access to the great outdoors and impressive spacious design would, if available at all, cost a vastly different sum in the Alps. A 4-bed version with 1.5 acres of land, mezzanine games area, sauna and hot tub came in just short of £350,000. Value for money indeed!

With all this available just a 6-hour flight from the UK and with ‘guaranteed’ quality of snow throughout the season I am certain that we will be asked to seek out such gems ever more frequently. Maybe my Canadian family will be seeing me with ever increasing frequency.

Whether these two examples are typical of your budget and lifestyle or whether you are targeting the £5m+ chalets in resorts such as Whistler that we will cover in future blog entries, call us to discuss your needs and desires. My direct number is +44 (0) 7740 896085 or email



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