Buying a Chalet in the Beautiful French Alps!

There is a range of factors to consider when purchasing a ski chalet but thankfully our role is to help you identify and satisfy each of these.

The Best Resort

Selecting the best resort from the many that are dotted across the Alps can seem pretty daunting. Of course when you ask people who have visited various centres they will wax lyrical over their own experiences. But do consider that the friend who broke her arm at the start of a holiday 5-years ago will probably not have fond memories of the same location.

The question really should be ‘which resort is best for you?’ And this is a question best answered with the assistance of independent detachment.

It is important that you think carefully about what you really want to get from a resort? Whether it will suit your family needs? Does it help you fulfil your dream? Is that dream realistic? Is this an emotional journey or purely an investment? You must take time to answer all these questions and more.


Intended Use

Many people think of the Alps as primarily a skiing destination but for an increasingly knowledgeable audience the region offers immense beauty and a variety of activities throughout the entire year.


Getting There

At this time air travel remains the most convenient way of getting to resort but given the volatility of the travel market, air traffic control strikes, baggage fees and even the unexpected disruption from Icelandic volcanoes, it is also sensible to consider whether proximity to alternative modes of arrival could be beneficial. This may be particularly important if you intend renting.


Architectural Style

Unfortunately, much resort development over the years has been of questionable architectural taste! Decisions on where to purchase, and similarly by holiday makers looking to rent tend to be made on a blend of location, facilities and convenience factors. Romantic, picture postcard resorts are more likely to be found elsewhere. There are though, exceptions to this generalisation and with an appropriate amount of effort some attractive and beautifully situated pre-market properties can be uncovered.


Frequency of Use

Clearly you will be thinking carefully about your intended use of your new holiday home in the Alps. Unless you are planning on actually relocating to this beautiful part of the world, and you would be considered quite fortunate if you were doing so, the frequency with which you will visit is a major consideration. Your home may be vacant for much of the year, in which case you will no doubt require the supervisory expertise of a local maintenance company. Or if you consider this to be an investment for attracting rental income then you will either want to build a relationship with a rental marketing/management company or possibly explore the benefits of purchasing a leaseback property with a mix of personal use and guaranteed rental return.


Whatever your purchasing intentions our role is to help you find your ultimate property in the Alps, so call us on +44 (0) 7740 896085 or email to discuss your needs.




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