• Stunning House, Toronto

    This stunning house in Toronto is quite something… No I really do mean quite something!

    If you never look at another house again, please, please, do look at this one… READ MORE

  • Southampton Boat Show, Monday 19th September 2011

    A great day at the Southampton PSP Boat Show. The weather was fine and the variety of boats on display was simply breathtaking. My agenda for the day was to fulfil a couple of pre-arranged meetings with boat manufacturers on behalf of an existing client (yes, I know it’s a bit of a departure from land based property but we are a service company and thus when I was asked to step in…), READ MORE

  • How to use a Property Search Consultant

    It is a strange and somewhat absurd status quo that has emerged over generations that leads purchasers of new property to rely almost entirely on the advice of an individual who has been appointed to act on behalf of the party doing the selling! No doubt this situation has evolved because traditionally there has not been a better option. READ MORE

  • Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen…

    Ok, so it’s a bit of a cliché but actually it is pretty accurate. As the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is an increasingly popular, stylish and stimulating place to be, successfully blending the café/bistro culture of a cosmopolitan city with traditional fishing village charm and some wonderful architecture. READ MORE

  • An Iconic Parisian Redevelopment

    La Samaritaine was once probably the most patronised department store in Paris.  Situated on the right bank of the Seine, it was held in such deep affection by Parisians, renowned for stocking ‘everything’, it sadly closed in 2005. READ MORE